Bag Checker

The Most Accurate and Dependable Platform for Inspecting
the Authenticity of Luxury Goods

Instantly and Conveniently Authenticate Luxury Goods Service on Your Portable Device.

Bag Checker is a high-value goods authenticator that offers a professionally skilled inspector and currently progressing an artificial intelligence technique for luxury item inspection with the utmost accuracy rate.

High Accuracy

Inspect luxury goods by a professionally trained authenticator ensuring with high accuracy rate

Authentic Verification

Issue a certificate of authenticity by a brand-name product specialist


Upload photos of luxury goods via electronic devices for inspection, which you can do anytime, anywhere


Provide several packages to inspect based on the users’ urgency requirement upon 1 hour or 24 hour

The Benefits

Expanding Luxury Authentication to Luxury Goods Trading Businesses

We collaborate with several luxury goods industry partners to ensure that only authentic goods are traded to promote the business and produce revenues across the supply chain.

Luxury Goods Reseller

Buying and selling channel for premium goods trader.


Only guaranteed luxury items are accepted as collatera.

Online Marketplace

To facilitate online luxury goods trading.

The Application

BagChecker Application

BagChecker has developed a bag inspection system using a combination of machine learning and computer vision to facilitate the identification of authentic and counterfeit luxury item accuracy.

The inspection system, built with artificial intelligence and advanced object detection techniques, collects and processes data from all authentic and counterfeit bag inspection databases around the world. 

Suitable for users who need to purchase or relate to the trading high-valued item business. 

With the issuance of an authenticity certificate upon completion of the process to ensure the item authentication. 


Self Submiting Process

BagChecker Authentication Process

Fill out information, add pictures of your items and follow the instructions

Wait for verification result, the inspector processing evaluate and analyse the authenticity

Receive the verifying results immediately when the process is completed, and review the certification of authenticity from BagChecker.

Our Package

Luxury Item Authentication Package

Choose a plan that’s fits your urgency


500 THB

24 Hr.

within 24 Hr.
business day


1,000 THB

12 Hr.

within 12 Hr.
business day


1,500 THB

6 Hr.

within 6 Hr.
business day


2,000 THB

1 Hr.

within 1 Hr.
business day

Our Certificate

Proof of Authentication

Bag Checker aim to proof an authenticity of the hi-end goods. The verification process has been comprehensively implemented with multi-point inspection ensuring that the item is authentic. To confirm the verification, the certificate of authenticity will be launched by Bag Checker authorizer. Each authentication certificate is given a unique link and can be downloaded as electronic document.

Our Collaboration

Collaborating and Supporting Luxury Businesses for More Than 10 Years

Inspect luxury item by supervised AI & expert teams with more than 10 years of experience
Countries with authentication partnership in data sharing & skill inspectors knowledge sharing
Training AI algorithm with a million of data in both authentic and counterfeit items